Purr your stress away.

Purr your stress away.

Sound is energy and the soothing rhythmic
sound of cat purring is well known for it´s exceptional
healing effect.

The steady rhythmic vibration of the purr, during both inhalation
and exhalation with a consistent repeating pattern and
frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz is spread throughout
your body and mind.

Help to fall asleep. Soft repeating cat purring make
your entire body and mind deeply relaxed when you can´t sleep.

Baby sleep help. The purring sound
gives a stress free atmosphere, soothes and calm your baby to sleep.

Natural pain relief.
Relax and feel all your stress just purr away.

40 minutes cat purring Mp3 file.
Unlike other products that mix the purr with sound or music.

Thanks for all the positive and moving
e-mails I´m receiving.

A special thanks to Collin
who sent me the wonderful book:
The Watercolor Cat
it tells the story of a painter, Peggy Chun
who through her battle with ALS found strength in her art.